Our History

SANA change leadership advisors is a global organization with offices in North America, Asia and the Middle East. The organization head office was founded in Toronto – Canada, to provide management consulting and change leadership in the fields of technology adoption and E-learning maturity. Our consultants have a proven ability to affect transformational change across a range of areas, making a sustainable difference to a business’s operational performance. Our leadership coaching services rest on a comprehensive knowledge of human behavior and organization culture change through positive change sciences, action research and appreciative inquiry.

Our People

Our consultants come from across the globe. They have worked in New York, San Francisco, Toronto, London, Paris, Dubai, Riyadh and Stockholm.  They bring a wealth of experience from working with the largest consulting groups in addition to a diversity of advanced educational backgrounds. The most important criteria for becoming a SANA Leadership Advisor is a commitment to continuous development and learning, and previous experience in leading major transformation initiative(s).  All of our consultants hold at least a Master’s degree from a leading educational institution in their field of expertise, and most either hold or are in pursuit of their PhD.

Societal Responsibility Statement

We draw a clear line of site between everything we do and the overall impact on our society and community.
We perpetually aim to improve the world through our practice and profession.
We endeavor to enrich the lives of our stakeholders and partners with a commitment to genuine care and a dedication to continuous learning.

Core Values


We seek excellence in everything we do, our consultants bring the highest standards of service and satisfaction. We ensure that our deliverables to clients consistently exceed their expectations.


Rest assured that our consultants bring a wealth of knowledge to organizations. We have been involved in the most challenging environments and will continue to honor our clients’ needs with honesty, reliability and attention.

Holistic Approach

Our systems thinking approach to an organization takes into account the complexity and particularities of every situation an organization is confronted with. We consider both soft and hard aspects of an organization in addition to the contexts in which it operates.

Continuous Learning

Our consultants are life-long learners. We constantly seek to enhance our knowledge through both formal and informal settings.


Our value must continue after we leave. We will only consider ourselves successful when we build our clients capacity to thrive.