Readiness Assessment

Given the unprecedented rate of organizational change, it is important to accurately map readiness and assess adequacy of roles, responsibilities, people knowledge, processes, systems and organizational structure . Our Readiness Assessment methodology is centred around people strengths and leverage points:

  • Understanding specifics of current state
  • Change impact assessment
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Qualifying awareness of vision and future state
  • Identifying organizational enabling strengths
  • Mapping potential pain points
  • “Skill” vs. “Will” assessment
  • Implementation prioritization matrix

Change Implementation Plan

Our change implementation methodology ensures tight integration with organizational strategic initiatives . Our change implementation delivery offers:

  • Change agent surfacing and development
  • Stakeholder management
  • Knowledge & skills development
  • Detailed Communication planning & Executive coaching
  • Psycho-emotional support
  • Role impact map

Leadership Coaching & Advisory

Supporting leaders and change sponsors through a major change initiative when used in conjunction with coaching, is one of the most powerful enablers of change . It is important for two reasons: the senior group must a) be aware of the scope and depth of the change impact, and b) be willing to communicate consistently, enact the change & remove roadblocks while the rest of the company is involved in the process of transformation.

  • Leadership coaching
  • Leadership communication planning
  • Change enactment
  • Employee empowerment