Organizational Culture Development

We utilize Barrett culture transformation tools CTT to assist leaders in building a values-driven high performance culture. Our consultants utilize CTT surveys to provide detailed and comprehensive cultural diagnostics and organization values assessments. Our surveys can visually demonstrates the alignment of the top Personal Values, Current Culture Values and Desired Culture Values.

Positivity Interventions (positivity focus groups)

We start all our positivity interventions be educating the organization on the Broaden and build theory of positive change

  • Imagining workshops
  • Positivity coaching 1:1
  • Strength profiling
  • Appreciative Inquiry summits
  • Positive community interventions
  • PechaKucha
  • Executive coaching
  • Mentorship programs

Organization Entropy Report (Organization)

Our entropy reports list all the potentially limiting values selected by participants by level.

Diversity and Cultural Awareness

Today’s modern organization is more diverse than at any point in history. This multiplicity of stakeholders allows organizations usher in change and to nurture innovation informed by the wealth of lives and experiences of its human capital. Our services are designed to ensure that multinational organizations can capitalize on diversity. Our programs include:

  • Cultural awareness programs
  • Embracing diversity
  • Building innovation capacity

Employee Engagement Survey

Diagnostic reports of organizational culture assess how well values are aligned. They identify areas of focus in terms of strengths and improvements. Our reports also provide comprehensive analysis from leaders and employees upon which we deliver a detailed road map for cultural transformation projects. Our reports and data are available for:

  • Individual employees
  • Leaders
  • Businesses units
  • Teams
  • Mergers & acquisitions cultural alignment
  • Schools
  • Communities